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Keep hackers from getting your fingerprints

Posted on 2016/10/27
If your account gets hacked, the first thing you’ll probably do is reset your password, maybe change your security settings, and proceed to use the account/ app again. But what if hackers get their hands on your fingerprint, iris or other biometric data? You can&r...

Microsoft AI Beats Humans at Speech Recognition

Posted on 2016/10/27
Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence and Research Unit reported earlier this week that its speech recognition technology had surpassed the performance of human transcriptionists. The team published a paper last month describing its system's accuracy. It was said...

Stack Overflow going downhill?

Posted on 2016/10/27
Stack Overflow was created in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, as a more open alternative to earlier Q&A sites such as Experts-Exchange. For many years, Stack Overflow has been one of the most popular resources for programmers trying to solve common problems. A...

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